Large Sticky Starfish

Item # 112633
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For kids who crave tactile experiences, the large Sticky Starfish is a big hit. This interesting toy feels sticky when you touch it, but won''t leave a residue on your hands. You can squish the legs together and then pull them apart. You can throw it against a wall and watch it slowly crawl down it. It measures approximately four inches and is perfect for squishing in your hands. This item is a favorite of parents, teachers, and therapists and is one of our most popular fidgets! 

Use this item to keep little fingers busy while you are driving, or during quiet times in the classroom. Best of all, it's reusable! If it starts to lose its stickiness just rinse it well with water and let it air dry. This is a fun toy for grade school age children, but is not recommended for children under 5.