IRiS LED Strip and Driver Bundle

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Get ready for an amazing display of interactive light and color with the IRiS LED Strip and Driver Bundle! These LED strips can be connected to and controlled by any IRiS Talker, providing all sorts of options for customization and creativity. These strips create hundreds of mesmerizing colors that will look beautiful in your sensory space.

These vibrant lights are designed to help users with special needs develop skills such as visual tracking, concentration, communication, color recognition, and so much more. Synchronize the LED’s colors with other sensory items, allow users to change colors manually, or use the interactive color-changing for skill building activities-- IRiS connectivity allows you to easily customize the equipment to fit your specific needs!

Please note: you must have at least one IRiS Talker or IRiS iConverter to use this item (sold seperately).

Adults supervision required. Ages 3+

LED Strips: 39" L x 1" W x 1" H
Driver: 7½" L x 6" W x 2½" H