I'm Happy-Sad Today

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Have you ever felt happy and sad at the same time? Or, scared and excited? Processing mixed-up feelings and emotions can be difficult and confusing for young children. I’m Happy-Sad Today is a great way to get children talking and thinking about their feelings. This colorful illustrated storybook walks readers through a variety of different emotions and scenarios while encouraging kids to think about times where their own emotions have been mixed up.

The author introduces a variety of fun words for kids to use to describe mixed-up emotions-- Smappy, Worrysad, Bravervous, and more. Helpful exercises such as drawing, talking to others, or playing out feelings with toys encourage kids to process and accept their feelings rather than trying to choose only one emotion. Cute, full-color illustrations are sure to capture the imagination and keep kids engaged throughout the story.

I’m Happy-Sad Today is a great choice for parents and teachers working to help children develop emotional intelligence and healthy coping skills. A section is included in the back of the book with numerous ideas for games and activities to reinforce the lessons. Great for home, classroom, or therapy settings!

35 pages.