How to Take the Grrrr out of Anger

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This amazing little book is designed to help kids handle anger in their lives. As the book reassures, everyone gets angry. Handling that anger so that it does not stay with you for life is what this advice is all about. Handling anger in proper ways is healthy, both mentally and physically.

The book is divided into ten short chapters which include: How it feels to be Angry, The Different Faces of Anger, Five Steps to Taming That Temper, and Great Ways to Keep Your Cool. Illustrated with amusing cartoons, the text is minimal and is written in a positive, chatty tone. Chapters often include 5 or 10 ways to do this or that, such as how to relax or steps to take to solve anger problems. There is a message for parents and teachers on what to do to help angry kids as well as additional resources for kids, parents and teachers. A great idea to have this one on hand in the classroom!

Size: 7" x 5" x .33"

Recommended for kids ages 8 - 13 years old.

128 pages