How Rude!

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Learning proper manners is a vital part of growing up, but it can be difficult for many teens. In How Rude! You will learn hundreds of etiquette tips in a fun, teen friendly manner. This book explains topics in a funny, easily understandable way that makes it both enjoyable and educational.

This fun social skills book covers a variety of daily life topics, allowing readers to implement each strategy right away. Each topic is covered extensively in a lighthearted, easy to understand manner. Learn social skills, manners, school skills, dating conventions, eating politely, good etiquette at celebrations, netiquette (on-line etiquette), keeping up your appearance, hygiene essentials and so much more!

Use How Rude! as a standalone learning tool or augment your existing social skills program. This book includes reproducible pages as well as chapter tests making it a great addition to your curriculum. Or, take it home for added reinforcement of etiquette skills.

504 pages.