How Rude In a Jar

How Rude In a Jar

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Explore etiquette and social dos and don'ts with manners in a jar. This set features cards that have either a question or a practical tip. For example, one card says: Don't be a snoop. Look in another person's closets or drawers only if you have his or her permission to do so. Another card asks: What's the difference between a conversation and a lecture? These cards will help your students learn to get along well with others. They work well to teach students about the hidden rules nobody usually talks about.

Use the cards in your social skills group or therapy as discussion starters or ice-breakers. Use them at home before a meal to reinforce positive social behavior. Use them in the classroom to provide daily insights or to support appropriate manners. Use them as charades prompts students can use to act appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. This set includes 101 cards and an acrylic storage jar.