HourGlass Classroom Timer/Noise Meter

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This fantastic dual function device is a great choice for teachers working in elementary school settings. The Classroom Timer and Noise Meter can time activities, help you control your class, and let students know when they're getting too noisy. Kids can visually see dots filling up the hourglass, providing a helpful visual signal. Setup is simple and the large, lit up display ensures that everyone can see it.

Choose between Timer Mode and Noise Mode with the flip of a switch! In Timer Mode, simply set the time with a dial and let the hourglass count down. Students can see how much time is left with a glance, and when one minute remains the lights will turn red along with a warning sound. When the time is up, the lights will flash and the Timer will play a tone signaling the end of the activity.

In Noise Mode, the teacher can set the dial to their desired noise level. Choose between silence, whispers, soft voices, normal voices, loud voices, and noise. In this mode, the hourglass level reflects the sound level in the room. If the amount of noise exceeds the trigger point set by the teacher, a warning sound will play as lights flash, signaling for students to calm down.

Use the Classroom Timer and Noise Meter for tests, activities, games, and more-- its versatility, effectiveness, and ease of use are sure to make it a great fit for your classroom.

Size: 15" x 8" x 4.5".