Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper

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The students you support will have so much fun exercising with the Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper. It features a sturdy foam foot rest for your students to stand on.  When they hop up it makes a funny noise when they land.  A foam covered handle is easy for hoppers to hold onto.  The cord is made of thick, durable bungee material that can accommodate students of a variety of sizes.

This item is so sturdy you can play with it indoors or take it outside onto the playground or grass.  Great for the home or school, it can support players up to 250 pounds and arrives at your door fully assembled.  Teachers and parents will appreciate the durable construction of this item.  The foam base is very resilient and will hold up to lots of use.

This is a fun item that will encourage lots of exercise and gross motor fun.  Use it to help the children you work with improve their balance and coordination.  It's much less challenging than a pogo stick providing a similar experience for those with body challenges.

This item is recommended for children ages three and up.