Health Care Communication Board Set of 50

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When someone is sick, communication becomes vital and it is necessary that they can explain what is ailing them quickly and accurately. This set of 50 Health Care Communication Boards are being used successfully in hospitals, rehab units, acute care, emergency rooms, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, clinics, hospice care and in the home to provide easy health communication for the language impaired. Each image and description is clear and easy to understand at a glance. This item is a must have for any clinic, special needs classroom, or household of someone with speech difficulties.

These cards feature a pain scale as well as 68-clear, 4-color pictures depicting wants, needs, ailments, comforts, questions, and emotions. Also includes a set of alphabet letters to spell with as well as a set of numbers. Best of all, each card is well organized, easy to understand and use!

Your choice of English (item #460026) or Spanish (item #460027).