Gross Motor Skills Development Set

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This Gross Motor Skills Development Set includes a broad selection of the most popular gross motor toys ordered by therapists. It’s perfect for working on balance, coordination, motor planning, providing vestibular input, and so much more!

Use this set to create fun obstacle courses in your therapy room or gym. You will have enough equipment to keep several children engaged at once.

This set includes:

- 1 Floor Surfer: this high quality scooter board is designed for kids to lay or sit on.

- 1 See Saw Rocker - that’s perfect for working on balance.

- 6 River Stones and 5 Hill Tops that come in a variety of heights and shapes kids can step across. They have rubber studs on the base, which prevent them from slipping.

- 1 Giant Top- that’s perfect for vestibular input and can easily accommodate kids ages 3 - 10 years old.

- 1 River that can connect together to make a balance beam or be placed apart for your obstacle course.

- 2 Clown Hats sets that are perfect for teaching balance and coordination.

- 6 Activity Rings

- 1 Tactile Disc set

Maximum load: 220 pounds

Recommended for kids ages 3 - 10.