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Provide even more vocabulary options for your GoTalk with the GoTalk Overlay Software! Creating visual overlays for your GoTalk has never been faster or easier. This software features 4000+ photos and illustrations that can be placed in any order and sized to fit your GoTalk buttons. Parents, teachers, and therapists all love this simple vocabulary tool.

Change the various included images to suit your own specific needs- several editing options allow you to type in words and change their color, size, or font. The helpful gird layout allows you to move, enlarge, rotate or crop any of the illustrations.

A clear, understandable interface makes this software so easy and intuitive to use.

Making overlays with this software is so simple and quick. Installation is also a breeze- simply insert the disc and follow the onscreen instructions.

This software works with the Personal Talker, GoTalk 4, 9+, 20+ and 32+. Software works with Windows 2000 or higher.