Germs Are Not for Sharing

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An important part of personal hygiene is making sure that you don't share germs with others. Sneezes, coughs, and runny noses are facts of everyday life, especially for kids who are in school.

Learning to use a tissue, cover your mouth, and wash your hands are important skills for your students. It's never too soon to teach children what germs are and how to cover them up, block them from spreading, and wash them down the drain. Show children how to properly avoid spreading germs with this simple, helpful board book!

This sturdy board book features a social story with a simple storyline. The kid-friendly illustrations depict real life situations the young children your work with can relate to. Each page features a colorful, kid friendly illustration to show the covered concept visually. There are also tips included for parents and caregivers to help kids acquire essential germ fighting skills.