Gator Grabber Tweezers

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Improving fine motor skills has never been more fun and easy with the Gator Grabber Tweezers! Occupational therapists and teachers will love helping children develop fine motor skills with this adorable tweezer set. Each Gator Grabber is colorful and easy for small hands to grasp. They also feature an appealing gator design that guides fingers into the correct position.

Users will love to make the gators chomp down and grasp onto things. Use them to pick up small objects, scoop up sand, and so much more. A perfect exercise for fine motor muscles to improve finger strength and build a foundation for grasping pencils and gripping objects.

Use this set to help kids develop the pincer grasp which is so essential for writing, buttoning, zipping skills and more. Use it in your home, classroom, or clinic! This cute set includes 12 Gator Grabbers tweezers in kid friendly rainbow colors and a handy storage container.