Functional Living Skills and Behavioral Rules Software contains over 1,000 full-color photographs of children, adolescents and adults doing a variety of daily activities. Full color photographs of "Yes Rules" and "No Rules" create clear visual pictures of what appropriate and inappropriate behaviors are. Now it's easy to teach behavioral rules to visual learners. Common daily living skills are easy to teach with step by step pictures.

Activity areas include:

  • daily schedules/routines,
  • personal hygiene/grooming,
  • using the bathroom,
  • homework,
  • leisure,
  • simple meal prep,
  • community,
  • behavioral rules.

These photos were created by Robin D. Allen, and are based on photo boards she successfully uses with special-needs children and adults. The formatting software which comes with this CD is similar to the Picture This... Software and is compatible with Windows 95 or higher (including Vista) or Mac OS 7.5 or higher.