Fun-tastic Gift Pack

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Our Fun-tastic Gift pack is the perfect choice for birthdays or the holidays. We choose this set based on pure enjoyment. This set includes staff and customer favorites your special kids and teens are sure to enjoy. This set includes:

  • Tropical Fish lampOur cute tropical fish lamp features fish swimming in a circle of softly changing colored lights. Soft LED lights make this a perfect night light, or a focal point for your calming corner.  Forget about using batteries we've included an optional AC adapter.
  • Squigglets Sensory Bracelet - This soft, rubbery bracelet provides lots of on the go sensory fun! This innovative, wearable toy will provide your students with lots and lots of tactile stimulation. Wear it on the go for some fidget fun!
  • Puzzle Fidget - one of our top selling fidgets three years in a row! Super sturdy! Super Fun!
  • Inside Out Ball This squishy neon inside out ball looks like a normal round play ball, but can turn inside-out into a spiky ball! Kids love to squash, stretch, and throw it as a ball, or turn it inside out to feel the soft squishy spikes.
  • Ooze Tube - Watch the liquid slowly flow down the Ooze Tube to calm and relax. Bubbles form as the ooze slowly moves from the top chamber into the bottom. This super sensory item is great for students who are highly visual! 
  • POM POM PENThis adorable pen is great for tactile sensory seekers!
  • Flip Car: These cool cars flip when they hit a wall or chair leg. They are super fun and very visually interesting. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer! Each car is 4" x 3.25" x 1.25".