From A to Z with Energy!

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This fun-filled picture book brings the alphabet to life with twirling, skating, dancing, and more! From A to Z with Energy introduces each letter with a fun, creative action. For instance, C for clapping, H for hopping, and S for soccer. Other letters are used to teach additional health and fitness  concepts-- L for a healthy lunch, B for strong bones, and M for active muscles. At the end of the book, Y for yawn and Z for “Zzz” show kids that rest is important after a day full of fun.

This is a great tool for kinesthetic learners or kids who have lots of excess energy. Parents, teachers, and therapists can all appreciate the lessons about letters, reading, healthy exercise, and creative play. Encourage kids to act out the activities of each letter as they read, or try one of the fun reinforcement activities in the back of the book!