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Do you have students that need to wiggle and move to focus in the classroom? This focus cushion is a teacher's favorite. This quality item is extremely sturdy and is designed to closely mimic sitting on an exercise ball. It comes inflated and ready to go.

Focus Cushions are a great way to help students redirect energy and keep concentration during work time. By providing a soft, pliable surface to sit on, students must constantly engage their core muscles to balance on their seat. This makes for a highly efficient energy outlet, allowing students with a need to fidget and move to do so without disturbing their peers. Use this cushion in the classroom, or even at home during homework time to help students focus and succeed. 

Want to adjust the level of air in your cushion? No problem-- easily adjust with a pump! The level of air allows you to modulate how much active balancing the student needs to do, allowing this cushion to accommodate a wide variety of students’ individual needs.

15" in diameter

Assorted colors.