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First Responders Communication Board

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Use First Responders Communication Boards to help non-verbal people express their needs in crisis situations. Great for autism.

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The First Responder communication board helps picture communicators and those with limited speech quickly explain their medical needs. This is a vital resource for providing a quick, specific way for medical professionals to communicate with special needs children and adults. This communication board is a great resource for use by medical professionals in the field or by caretakers in the home. The sturdy, laminate construction is wipeable and can stand up to lots of use.

The efficient picture layout allows users to express symptoms, time frames, pain intensity, and other medical information clearly and easily. Large yes and no squares allow users to respond to simple yes and no questions. Easy to understand images represent common medical challenges first responders encounter that patients can point to. Both the alphabet and numbers are listed so that communicators can spell out answers.

Set includes 12 reusable, laminate boards.

Size: 8.5" x 11"


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