Feelings In A Jar

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Feelings and empathy can be a difficult subject for many kids and teens with special needs to fully understand. This helpful card game is designed to teach different feelings, how people react to them, and why people might feel a certain way. This is a great tool for therapists, teachers, and parents educating those with autism.

Each of the 101 word cards features a feeling written out with simple text on a blank white background. For instance-- “Cheerful”, “Flustered”, “Dedicated”, “Exuberant”, and more. This allows the cards to be adapted to all sorts of educational games.

Follow one of the included activity ideas or create your own! You can ask students to act out a feeling, define a feeling and use it in a sentence, tell a story where somebody has that feeling, talk about when they felt that way, and more. Great for groups or one-on-one practice!

Ages 8 and up.