Feelings and Emotions Matching Pairs Game

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This simple game is the perfect way to build emotional vocabulary and matching skills! The Feelings and Emotions Matching Pairs Game features 56 discs to form 28 emotion pairs. Each matching disc features a high quality photo of a real person performing an emotion. Ask kids to name emotions as they match to build facial expression recognition skills. Look at the pair and talk about different feeling scenarios to build empathy skills. With a mix of facial close-ups and full-body images, these discs show a wide variety of emotions.

Discs are made of thick, high quality cardboard with a glossy finish. A handy storage can is included, making cleanup and storage a breeze! Use this set in the classroom or at home for an educational matching activity that’s sure to get kids talking about emotions.

Each disk measures 1.9” in diameter. Includes 56 discs. Ages 2 and up.

Size: L: 6.30"   W: 0.00"   H: 3.15"