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The kid friendly eye-lighter will help your students follow along with reading by highlighting multiple lines of text.  This innovative tool designed by a reading specialist will allow your students to read along with others, or quietly by themselves without getting lost in the text. The Eye Lighter is a great choice for helping kids with attention trouble.

This item is great for students who have difficulty reading from line to line (those who often reread the same line, skip a line, or lose their place in the text). The bright coloration promotes focus to the highlighted area, and helps users to filter out distractions.

You can choose from blue, green, or yellow to highlight the text.  Some students find certain colors allow them to read easier because it reduces page glare and is easier on their eyes.  Easily use this in your general education class, resource room, or at home for extra support.

Size: 6 x 1.5 x 1/8 inches