Exploring Emotions

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Exploring Emotions follows the different emotions of several students on track and field day. Using mindfulness techniques they learn to understand and identify their feelings. They also learn that feelings change and that unpleasant feelings will pass. Understanding and expressing emotions in a healthy way can be difficult for children. Exploring Emotions is a helpful picture book that aims to teach readers how to recognize and accept their own feelings while practicing mindfulness exercises.

The story is simple and accessible for young children, showing how several characters react to Track and Field Day at their school. Some kids, like Sally, feel excited. Other children may feel angry about losing a race, or sad that they can’t participate. Readers will learn that these feelings are all natural, and how to recognize those feelings in themselves.

The helpful, appealing illustrations teach kids that emotions are just like the weather-- relief can feel like a cool breeze, or anger like a hot sun. Also like the weather, feelings will change over time, and negative moods won’t last forever. Helpful “pause buttons” are included that ask readers to think about their own emotions and how they can make their body feel. These exercises are a great way to build emotional intelligence and healthy emotional expression.

This book will help you use mindfulness techniques to teach your students to identify their feelings and deal with negative emotions. Questions to ask students are included on key concept pages that you can ask your students to help them apply mindfulness techniques.

Size: 9" x 7" x .25"

32 pages