Ellie Needs To Go

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This unique full-color picture book will teach young girls and women on the spectrum how to use public restrooms appropriately. It features a simple story line with full color illustrations that explain how to use the restroom, deal properly with a sanitary pad, and more.

Preparing young women on the spectrum with information and proper behavior for the public restroom is important to ensure their safety and guard against possible abuse. With the knowledge of appropriate behavior they can be prepared to accurately report any inappropriate behavior or sexual advances.

It can be challenging for family members or educators of the opposite gender to teach young people with autism what to do and how to use the restroom in a public place.

Women typically learn this information by observing others, such as their peers or family members. However this environmental learning often does not happen with young women on the spectrum. This book will allow your students frequently review this important topic so that they can fully understand appropriate toileting behaviors.