E-Z Reading for Older Students

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This 26 unit curriculum features easy-to-read stories that are engaging and age appropriate for students in grades 3 to 12.  Written at a second and third grade reading level, they are accessible for struggling readers including those in moderate/severe classrooms.  This excellent resource uses research based remediation strategies that meet both state and national standards.

The controlled vocabulary of the stories will help your students build their reading fluency.  Stories use the same core vocabulary prompts to help students recognize words and build their reading confidence.  Each worksheet includes a story, picture, and comprehension questions.

The topics vary from animals and insects to famous people followed by comprehension questions on each page.  The Skill Chart shows that students will be taught how to:

  • Practice applying information given
  • Finding facts and expanding vocabulary
  • Identify characteristics of tools, equipment, animals, and insects
  • Understanding ideas and words

The reading level is recommended for grade 2-3 with interest levels between grades 3-12.  There are 27 pages of fun-filled activities in this book.  An answer key can be found in the back of the book.