Autism Social Skills Book for Grade School

Dude, That's Rude! (Get Some Manners)

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Sometimes, it’s hard for special needs kids and teens to grasp social concepts such as manners. Dude, That’s Rude! Is an accessible book that teaches readers about tons of manners in a fun, easy to read way! Fun comic book style pictures will help you teach essential manners to your teen. Jokes and illustrations guide the way to better social skills-- great for reluctant readers!

This book covers a wide variety of manners used at home, in the classroom, and out in the community. Readers are encouraged to exercise their empathy and realize how poor manners affect those around them, and think about how having good manners will help themselves, their friends, and their family.

Learn simple, important social skills like how to yawn, use manners at school, the mall, table or on the phone, how to burp and more. This fun book will help you teach manners positively with lots of fun along the way.

128 pages.