Drive-Thru Menu Math: Classroom Pack

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Real world math is so much fun with the Drive-Thru Menu Math series! Your students will learn essential math skills using colorful menus that feature milk shakes, burgers, burritos and more.  This set is designed to hold the interest of students from grade 3 to 12 with a grade 1-4 reading level.

Your students will enjoy practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as they solve real-life word problems. They will reference highly visual, full color drive-thru menus as they tally up how much to pay. This program provides lots of math practice with the bonus of building valuable life skills.

Your students will learn the following money math skills: estimating food costs, calculating taxes, making change, and more. Clear math objectives help you and your students target specific skills. Use this program to provide extra practice for struggling students.  It also works well in moderate/severe programs.

The Classroom Pack includes 3 reproducible workbooks and 36 colorful menus (12 Beginning Level Menus, 24 Intermediate Level Menus).