Get ready for tactile learning with Dizzy Bees! These mesmerizing bees stack perfectly with the help of magnets, forming a wobbly stack that’s so much fun to wiggle and spin. Flexible, ridged wings provide an additional tactical element! The wings are designed to be safe and soothing to chew, making Dizzy Bees a great choice for kids who crave oral motor stimulation. Kids will love wiggling and wobbling with Dizzy Bees!

This set includes 3 magnetic Dizzy Bees, each with its own bright color. The reversible base allows you to stack the Bees on a sturdy or wobbly surface for two ways to play. Stacking and manipulating the Dizzy Bees is a great way to get kids building fine motor skills, coordination, and creativity! Use this set at home, in the classroom, or at the clinic for a fun sensory activity that kids will love.

Includes 3 Dizzy Bees and reversible base.