DIY Hypnogizmo

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Create your very own amazing sensory experience with the Hypnogizmo DIY! This mesmerizing motion toy is so much fun to put together. Give the gift of crafting fun!

Once completed, you will be instantly engaged when you start turning the lever of the HypnoGizmo DIY. As the barrel turns, you will enjoy watching colorful balls rhythmically roll back and forth across the barrel in a cascade of motion. This is a super fun, engaging item for individuals who are highly visual. It’s great for road trips or waiting times! Kids, teens, and adults alike will love the mesmerizing fun of the HypnoGizmo!

This super visual and dynamic toy is a fantastic addition to sensory rooms, therapy centers, and classrooms. It also makes a great gift-- anybody can appreciate this highly engaging sensory experience. 

Plastic balls are securely enclosed inside a thick plastic case. Please note, the balls do make noise as they roll back and forth.

Size: 7" x 5" x 5"

Takes approx. 1-2 hours to build.

Recommended for ages eight and up.