Difficult Situations Fun Deck

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Sometimes, unexpected things happen that can be difficult to deal with. Help kids learn how to problem solve and prepare for the unexpected with the Difficult Situations Fun Deck! This activity is designed to help teach kids how to handle the unexpected and reason their way through practical problems.

Each card features a specific realistic scenario that may be tricky to handle. For instance, “A friend asks you to go somewhere after school but you have no way to contact your parents-- what should you do?” Or “Your friend gets into a car with people she doesn’t know and leaves you behind-- what should you do?” These scenarios are open-ended and may have many potential solutions, giving students plenty of room for creative thinking and problem solving.

Use these cards to facilitate discussions about safety, emotions, responding to events around you, and more. Also useful for improving sequencing and memory skills! Includes game ideas and content cards for a wide variety of possible activities.

56 cards. Recommended for students ages 4 and up.