Sometimes, it's hard when you feel different.  Different like Me-- My book of Autism Heroes is a well-written, highly informative book that will help kids ages eight through twelve to understand that while they may be a bit different from their peers, they are not at all inferior.  

Written from the point of view of Quinn, a young boy with autism, this book will introduce children to twelve inspirational and famous people from the fields of art, science, comedy, literature, and more who had to overcome the same troubles they do. This book covers people such as Albert Einstein, Benjamin Banneker, Julia Bowman Robinson, and many others. Kids will love to read all about these many notable figures.  Filled with colorful, appealing illustrations and written with easy to understand language, this is a great resource for promoting understanding for kids with autism, their peers, caregivers, teachers, and siblings.  Hardcover, 48 pages