Cuddle Loop

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Do you have a student with special needs who craves pressure and gentle sensory stimulation? Designed by a therapist, the Cuddle Loop provides a tight, snuggly, swaddle effect for kids. Use it to calm and comfort those with sensory challenges. Kids can sit or lie down while wearing it. Each loop is made of durable Lycra material that can stretch four ways.

Easily adjust the swaddling effect by knotting the bottom. This quick adjustment allows you to provide just the right amount of deep pressure for each individual child.

You can also use a fastener (not included) at any point to tighten the loop as shown in the picture above.

Therapists will appreciate the durable, high quality fabric, and double stitched, reinforced seams of this product. It's built to last!

Loops fit children from 6 months to approximately 8 years of age (18 lbs.-45 lbs.) and come in assorted colors.