Crazy Magnetic Maze

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Get ready for mine-bending magnetic fun with this fun puzzle toys! The Crazy Magnetic Maze is a great way to get kids exercising their problem solving skills. With colorful fish and a sturdy wooden design, these mazes are sure to be a hit with small children.

To play, use the magnetic wand to move the magnetic balls around the wooden maze frame. You can also choose to tilt the board, moving multiple balls at once. Balls come in two colors, allowing you to sort them into sections of the board. Holding the magnet wand and manipulating the board are great ways to help kids build fine motor skills, while the puzzle element exercises coordination, planning, sorting, critical thinking, and more.

This item is made out of sturdy wood and will stand up to lots of wear. The painted portions are covered by a protective plastic, keeping them scuff-free and vibrant even after extensive use. The magnet balls cannot be removed from the puzzle frame and the wand is firmly attached with a helpful cord for easy storage. 

Size: 7.5" x 5" x .5"