It’s time for kinetic fun with the Cooperative Band! This colorful 12 foot band is perfect for encouraging kids to get active and moving together. Work on gross motor skills, coordination, communication, confidence, and more. Pulling against the band causes it to stretch, providing dynamic resistance that reacts to others tugging the band-- users will have to work together to control the stretch! Use the Cooperative Band for cooperative or competitive games. A great fit for classroom, gym, or at-home use!

Using the Cooperative Band is so much fun for students-- stretching against the band and working with peers is sure to bring smiles and laughs to activity time. The center of the band is a soft latex tube coated with high-quality multicolor fleece. The four different colored sections are easy to integrate into games-- make teams, have kids run to a color, and more. Use the cooperative band in existing outdoor games, or create new ones! A generous 6 foot diameter allows the Cooperative Band to accommodate 5-8 children at once.