Cool Down and Work Through Anger

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When a child is angry, it can be challenging to get them to calm down and think about the situation. During these outbursts, a child may feel out of control and hurt others. Use this helpful book to teach the kids you work with how to recognize feeling angry and how to manage anger in appropriate ways.

This book breaks down anger management into manageable, easy to understand concepts. Everyone feels angry; it's how you deal with anger that is important.

It's not okay to hurt anyone with actions or words. This simple, child friendly book will introduce kids to important anger management strategies including, getting help, self-calming, and more. With simple text and appealing, colored illustrations, readers will be engaged and understand the message.

Cool Down and Work Through Anger is written in a social story format.

A helpful activity guide will help your kids explore this topic with discussion questions, games, activities, and tips that reinforce improving social skills.