Conversation Skills Curriculum

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Did you know that poor conversation skills can make it difficult to get a job, easy to lose a job and cause isolation from coworkers?  Oftentimes adults with developmental disabilities don't lose their jobs because of character issues, but because of social problems and poor conversation skills.

In this two book series Dr. Marilyn Banks will help you teach basic and essential communication skills for successful job experiences. The object of these lessons is so that the young adults and adolescents you work with can have more fulfilling, independent and social lives.

This set contains over 50 lessons on practical conversation skills. There is something for everyone is this set starting with the simplest communication needs to the most complex. Each lesson provides a rational explanation and a self-managed check sheet that gives control to the individual working on conversation skills.

Through modeling and guided practice, students will learn how to greet others, introduce themselves, ask simple get to know you questions, use polite social conventions, give compliments, shake hands, remember names, make small talk and learn lots of strategies for successful communication in the community or work environment.

This curriculum has been used successfully by teachers, SLPs, social workers, job coaches parents and self-motivated individuals who wanted to teach themselves. Designed for participants with severe, moderate, or mild disabilities in mind.

Best of all, all materials in the book are reproducible and the set includes a win/mac CD with a printable PDF of every handout. Book two contains a tracking program that allows you to graph a student's progress providing easy to use documentation for your IEPs.

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