Chill Skills In a Jar

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Chills Skills in a Jar will help teens learn healthy ways to work through anger. To be socially successful it's important to learn how to deal positively with anger and maintain respectful relationships. Use the discussion cards to explore positive ways your teens can deal with anger. Individuals can also use cards to learn calming strategies for tense or difficult situations. This set includes four different kinds of cards:

What Would You Do?: These cards present difficult scenarios that prompt teens to work through a problem so that they can learn to respond appropriately to tense situations.

Tips! cards: Simple cards provide positive actions teens can take when they are feeling angry.

Share cards: Prompt you to share a personal story about how you have dealt with anger.  Act It Out! cards: Create difficult scenarios that teens must role play together using positive anger management skills.

For ages 12 & up, 101 cards, 3" recyclable plastic screw top jar