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Chewy Tubes & Oral Motor Tools

We offer a wide variety of chewy tubes, oral motor tools, and mouth sticks. All of the items in this section feature FDA approved construction that is approved for the mouth. They are great for redirecting problem chewing or providing an oral motor fidget.

The z-vibe, tips, spoons and kits in this section will be an invaluable resource for your oral motor and feeding therapy programs. To use just turn the bottom handle for gentle vibration. Check out our wide variety of interchangeable tips and spoons designed to meet the individualized needs of your clients.

Z-vibes are designed by a speech therapist to provide a variety of stimulation, giving you the flexibility you need for a large practice. This vibration tool is great for oral motor exercises, brushing activities and more. It can work well with even the most sensitive clients! Made of sturdy, FDA approved nontoxic materials that are safe for the mouth. Made in the USA!