Chewelry Necklace & Bracelet Set

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This is the original chewable jewelry designed by Occupational Therapists for children with special needs. Chewelry is a non-toxic, colorful, medical grade plastic jewelry that kids and teens can safely chew on.  The ribbed cord design provides lots of oral motor input for the mouth.  This item has been used for years successfully in homes and classrooms.

The necklace and bracelet set is a great way to keep students from chewing on their clothes or fingers.  Easily redirect your students to the necklace while allowing them to work through their chewing tendencies. It's also great for oral-motor stimulating activities. Kid friendly, jewel tone colors look great on girls or boys.

Please note this item does not include a break away clasp.  Always use Chewelry with adult supervision.  Do not allow students to wear this item while on the playground or anyplace where it could pose a choking hazard.

Size: 8 x 6 x 3/8 inches

Note: Pink is an outdated color that was discontinued and is no longer available.

This product does not contain lead, BPA, or phthalates.