Bumpy Chew Noodle

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This super sensory chewy is designed to provide tons of oral motor feedback for students who may otherwise chew their hair, clothes, or fingers. The safe and durable Bumpy Chew Noodle is made in the USA out of a durable thermaplastic that is safe to chew on. Small bumps provide nice tactile input, and the noodle design is super easy to grab and hold. This item easily clips onto a shirt so you won't lose it.

Designed by parents of a child with autism, the goal of this product is to provide a safe, non-food chewing alternative. The Bumpy Chew Noodle is perfect for aggressive chewers of any age who crave oral motor feedback. Adding a clip makes it readily available when needed and keeps it from being misplaced or dropped on the ground.

Size: 8" x .33" x .33"

Recommended for ages three and up.