Behavior Mapping

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Teach your students whose primary learning style is visual to become better problem solvers by literally showing them the cause and effect of choices they make. We all learn differently but those on the Autism Spectrum have special learning challenges as well different ways of learning and processing information.  Behavior Mapping is an effective visual tool you can use to teach appropriate behavior in a visual or spatial learning style by using images, colors, graphs, charts, maps, and diagrams.

Behavior Maps, also known as Consequence Maps, create a visual tool that list the reward that will occur for a given behavior choice. For example, if the goal is for a student to raise their hand to get the teacher’s attention in class rather than blurting out, the Behavior Map indicates the reward for positive behavior, such as a sticker on the student’s chart or play time.

This book will introduce you to behavior maps and teach you when and how to use them to teach appropriate behaviors. This is a great tool that will help your students become better problem solvers and solution seekers. This book will teach you how to create consequence maps, complex behavior mapping, language mapping and problem solving maps. You will learn how to adapt each 'map' in a variety of social situations through lots of real life examples.

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