Audible Time Timer 8"

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Let your students see elapsed time with the visual Time Timer! Use this in your early education classroom to help young students manage their time. This time tracking tool helps autistic students and special populations understand the abstract concept of time easily with its unique, highly visual design. Students will quickly understand that time passes as the red dial gets smaller and smaller each minute. Best of all, this visual timer works great in general education settings because it helps all students keep track of time!

In order to keep confusion and distractions to a minimum, this visual timer has no numbers or hands like a traditional clock. Set Time Timer for any interval up to 60 minutes. To use, just move the red disc counterclockwise to the desired time interval. The disc diminishes as time elapses until no red is visible on the timer. The disc may be moved clockwise or counterclockwise without harming the mechanism. Great for the home, classroom or your early intervention program. Use the optional alarm to let your students know time is up or leave it on silent mode.

Requires 1-AA battery, not included.