Ask and Answer Cards

Ask and Answer Cards

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Dig deeper into Wh questions with these extensive Fun Decks! The Ask and Answer Wh Question series is perfect for teaching kids all about asking and answering Who, What, When, Where, and Why questions. Instructions for use as well as fun activity ideas are included to allow teachers, therapists, and parents to get the most out of these resources. Use the cards with classrooms, small groups, and for one-on-one practice.

Each of these decks focuses of a specific Wh question, with 56 question and answer cards included. Use the decks by themselves or combine for truly extensive practice! Cards feature a written Wh question along with an appealing, full color cartoon to visually reinforce the text. The backside of the card shows the answer along with another helpful illustration.

Questions include “Who takes care of animals in the zoo?”, “What do you use a rake for?”, “When do you take a bath?”, “Where do a kind and queen live?”, “Why do you recycle?”, and many more.

Decks include 56 question/answer cards. Recommended for ages 4 and up.