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Anxiety Management Toolkit

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The fun exercises in this kit creates a relaxed environment to explore this difficult topic.

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Anxiety is an emotion that many find tricky to cope with– what do you do when your fears feel overwhelming? The Anxiety Management Toolkit is here to help! This fun, activity-based kit teaches users how they can tame their anxieties, manage negative thought spirals, and exercise healthy self-compassion and understanding to bring their body back to a place of calm.  By learning through creative play, approaching these difficult topics can be fun!

The process of managing anxiety is broken down into five simple steps, each with a corresponding hands-on activity. Learn how to catch negative thoughts as they happen, check whether the thought is helpful or hurtful, change your negative thoughts, become closer to your emotions through journaling, and build a bank of positive thoughts to use when things get rough. These lifelong emotional intelligence skills build a vital foundation of self-care that you can count on to help in tough moments.

This kit includes:

  • 5 anxiety management worksheets
  • 1 beginners guide
  • 1 guide for facilitators
  • 5 5ml paint pods in green, blue, purple, red, and orange
  • 2 paint brushes
  • 1 16-piece build-it-yourself wooden thought bank

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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