Anger Workbook for Teens

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Do the pressures of school, social life, or family cause the teens you work with to become easily angry or frustrated? The Anger Workbook for Teens includes 37 exercises designed to teach teens effective skills to help them deal with feelings of rage without taking it out on others.

Teens can learn to control their anger and feel calm in the face of everyday problems.

By completing just one 10 minute worksheet a day teens will learn how to identify what triggers their anger, examine the ways they react to it, and learn skills and techniques to get it under control. They will develop a personal anger profile and learn to notice the physical symptoms they feel when they become enraged. They will also learn how to calm angry feelings and respond more sensitively to others.

This workbook can be used alone with a teen, with the group, or as a reference for a parent or school psychologist. Help the kids you work with gain control over their anger today.

130 pages