Anger Management Toolkit

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Anger can be a big emotion, and it can be hard to know what to do when you feel upset– with the Anger Management Toolkit, learning these new emotional skills is fun! This helpful activity set teaches therapeutic techniques for managing anger in a fun, simple, and highly interactive way. By incorporating crafts such as coloring and clay sculpting, this kit teaches you to visualize what your “Mr. Angry” looks like, exercise self-compassion, and learn how to navigate your feelings in a healthy, nondestructive way.

This helpful anger management kit features:

  • 10+ discussion prompts to help users recognize their angry feelings, name them, and learn how to navigate when things get heated

  • 4 self-analysis worksheets designed to help users identify their personal anger triggers and break existing patterns by applying de-escalation techniques

  • 3 creative craft activities to help children visualize & explore their anger and emotions

  • 1 guide for instructors filled with helpful tips on getting the most of your Anger Management Toolkit

In the box:

  • 3 20-gram containers of air-dry clay in red, yellow, and blue

  • 3 character cut-outs for coloring

  • 5 self-regulation worksheets

  • 2 clay instruction sheets

  • 1 instructional guide for facilitators

Recommended for ages 4-6 with parent support or ages 7 and up to work on independently.