We are pleased to offer the original Airwalker™ therapy swing. This item is an OT and teacher favorite. Use this swing to provide lots of movement and spinning with its built in rotational device. This flexible, stretchy fabric swing is great for sensory integration therapy, vestibular stimulation, spatial awareness and so much more.

This high quality, durable swing is sewn from heavy duty spandex with reinforced stitching and will last for years in clinic or classroom settings. Install it to hang from the ceiling or use it with your swing frame.

The stretchy fabric instantly provides deep pressure for your clients, creating a cocoon-like effect. This deep pressure can help stressed or agitated clients feel more relaxed and allow them to refocus. When clients go inside the Airwalker™, it really hugs them. It provides lots of resistance and pressure, requiring clients to work hard and use lots of muscle skills. Use the resistance of the fabric to develop muscular strength, help with coordination as well as balance.

Therapy swing measures 60" long x 43" and has a weight limit of 200 pounds, please note a hanging kit is not included. Recommended ceiling height: 120".