Adult Wipe Clean Weighted Vest

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$124.99 - $149.99
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This innovative weighted vest is laminated for quick cleaning and has open sides to keep students from over-heating. The easy to keep clean design allows you to wipe it clean with your standard cleaning wipes or disinfectant spray. Now you can quickly provide deep pressure to help attention and focus, or provide soothing relief to help manage anxiety, frustration, and anger.

It's easy to take on and off just slip over the head. No adjusting is necessary. The weight is sewn into pockets that are evenly distributed throughout the vest so that it comfortable lays across the shoulders and down the sides.

Size             Width           Length         Adjustment Area      Chest Size
Small/Med    18 1/2"        28 1/2"        6" Velcro                 44-48"
Med/Large     20"             30"              6" Velcro                 44-48"