Adaptive Climbing Wall

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The Adaptive Climbing Wall makes climbing accessible to children with sensory, communication, cognitive and physical disabilities. Climbing walls provide many physical benefits as well as social emotional benefits by combining a mindful and purposeful experience to exercise.

As your students climb the wall they will develop strength and muscle tone, motor planning, bilateral coordination, receive proprioceptive input, maintain focus, and build confidence. Use the wall to help restless students burn off energy constructively, provide a calming activity, build focus and attention, and more.

The Adaptive Climbing Wall incorporates visual cues to help students travel across the wall. Visual supports include hand holds that are color coded by difficulty level and a red foot placement line that helps students keep from going above three feet.

Several safety features make managing the climbing wall easy for educators. Safety features include: handholds that are sized for children, textured surfaces to help students grip, a mat base that acts as a landing surface, and a safety lock system that allows you to fold the mat up against the wall so students can’t access it unsupervised. Custom mat colors are available.

A magnetic whiteboard surface allows you to incorporate extra visual supports and create learning opportunities as well.

The wall includes an activity guide to help you maximize the use of the wall. Including an introductory activity designed to introduce students to the wall as well as, games, language activities, and math activities. Each activity includes adaptive suggestions and a list of skills/benefits.

Each 4' dry-erase panel includes 4 grab-bar style hand holds, 2 foot ledges, 66 t-nuts and holes, 20 hand holds (in a variety of styles), Color-coded climbing routes, Red-relief Line®, and the Cordless Mat-Locking® System.