A "5" Could Make Me Lose Control!

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This is an amazingly simple product that speaks volumes! Teaching someone how to understand their emotions and what makes them anxious is an invaluable tool that can help children take charge of their emotions and increase self control and independence.

A 5 Could Make Me Lose Control! helps children understand that their emotions progress through stages. After all, a person doesn't immediately jump from perfectly calm to a tantrum in one step! Now you can teach your children how to use a simple concrete 5-point scale to understand emotionally how they are feeling and if they are moving towards a meltdown (a 5).

Great for using at home or in the classroom, the 5 point scale helps with emotional regulation and increasing emotional awareness.

Now you can help your autistic child come up with calming strategies to deal with stressful situations at the beginning of the stress cycle before it's too late.