24 Triangular Crayons

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Get ready for ergonomic coloring fun with our popular Triangle Crayons Set! This set is perfect for kids with trouble grasping writing utensils as the triangular shape guides fingers into the proper tripod grip. Additionally, they won't roll off of the table when not in use! This is great for reducing mess and keeping a clean arts and crafts table.

This is a great resource for use at home, in the classroom, or at the therapy center. No special preparation is needed, these crayons can be easily introduced into existing coloring activities. Using these crayons is highly enjoyable and great for fine motor development. By helping kids learn the proper way to grip, these crayons lay the necessary foundation for handwriting.

This simple set Comes in a rainbow of 24 colors. A sturdy plastic case keeps crayons organized and ready to use.

Recommended for Children Ages 3 and Up

These Nontoxic Crayons Conform to ASTM-4236